Karen Toftera in the photopit for Paul Rodgers. Thanks to Concerts Captured for the shot.

Karen Toftera in the photopit for Paul Rodgers.

Karen Toftera is a professional photographer based in London. She’s been shooting for 15 years, working with local and national newspapers, on live gigs, music promotion and feature assignments. Regular contributor of photography and archive photos to music magazines, newspapers and record labels.

Karen’s first UK festival shoot was the Reading festival in 2003. And since then she has contributed to international magazines and newspapers like Rolling Stone, Film Magasinet, PROG Magazine, Terrorizer, Dagbladet, Classic Rock and NME. And she works in the studio and on location with dance photography and circus.

If you need any further information, or want to discuss a shoot, please contact her through this site.

Pricing based on requirements and usage and can be negotiated.



Paul Rodgers copyright Karen Toftera

Paul Rodgers Free Royal Albert Hall copyright Karen Toftera


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