Trebuchet Magazine - Karen Toftera

Karen Toftera interview Trebuchet Magazine

Karen Toftera interview Trebuchet Magazine

Eliminate instinct – replace it with experience.

Thus speaks rock photographer Karen Toftera, deftly vocalising the one resounding truth in the passage from apprentice to master that is universal to all pursuits. The body needs 10,000 repetitions of an action, whether it be an index finger hitting middle C or the back foot popping the tail to kickflip, to reach an ease of movement akin to reflex. Experience trumps instinct.

Wax on, wax off.

And knowing when the lead singer’s going to jump helps a lot too.
Karen Toftera talks to Trebuchet’s Kailas Elmer.

Karen Toftera interviewed in Trebuchet Magazine

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