Andrew and Anouska Pole Photography

Valentine’s Day Photo shoots at London Dance Academy

Andrew and Anouska Pole Photography

Andrew and Anouska – taken at London Dance AcademyWe’re doing Valentine’s photoshoots again this year at London Dance Academy!

Why not book in a space for yourself, a loved one, or a kick ass friend!

Contact me to book. 

What you’ll get  

Packages available for 1 hour, 1 1/2 hours or 3 hours shoot. You’ll get lots of support and learn how to pose for dance and pole photography. Images included with all packages. And price varies from £120 – £150 and £499 for different experiences.

Learning how to pose for Photography and dance is not easy. My background and training is in movement photography and body shapes, but I will also always strive to capture the feeling and the moment.

You’ll get enough time to get comfortable, with a lot of support and guidance in your posing to get the shot!  Any other photo shoot after this will be easier.
The venue is London Dance Academy in Old Street.

Contact me for more info

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